S3 - Convo 1

by featuring Lynette Lounsbury

Series 3 Convo 1 – On the Convo Couch with Lynette Lounsbury

Lynnette Lounsbury is an exciting voice breaking through the YA and Sci Fi writing scene.

Her first book “Afterworld” explores death from a philosophical perspective, her second book “We Ate the Road Like Vultures” is a feminist exploration of Beatnik writing inspired by Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” and her upcoming novel tackles the complicated subject of religious fanaticism and it’s deep psychological impact, something she has intimate experience with. 

Each book thoroughly excavates it’s subject matter, allowing the reader to think as much as be entertained by the rhythm of her words. 

As well as writing edgy, gripping books, Lynnette is a lecturer of History and Media, is doing a PHD about colonisation and science fiction, is a mum to 2 very entrepreneurial, creative whizz kids; is married to a documentary maker and is the keeper of one very sooky dog. In short she is awesome and a great role model to other women who don’t want to pretend they can do it all but give it a go anyway. 

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