A couple of weeks ago I (Kel) was forced to sit on my bum for a day and pretty much stare straight ahead, due to a neck injury. Otherwise known as hell for me BUT in my incapacitation I discovered something very cool for women happening in science right now.


What's Cool With Women, Catalyst, @w4wpodcast


On an episode of the ABC science and technology program, Catalyst, they were talking about the science behind saving the world’s rapidly diminishing reefs…including Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Global warming and climate change are increasing the water temperature and this is having a direct impact on coral reefs worldwide, leading to expansive and rapid bleaching events, killing more and more of this natural wonder every single year.

2 teams are leading the charge to save the reef from ultimate destruction, one in Hawaii and one in Australia and BOTH of them are led by women. Dr Ruth Gates from the Hawaiian Institute of Marine Biology has identified the symbiotic relationship with an algae that can help make it more resilient to global warming. Professor Madeleine van Oppen from the Australian Institute of Marine Science is experimenting with creating hybrid Corals which are more tolerant to rising sea temperatures.


What's Cool With Women, Catalyst, @w4wpodcast


Both of these incredible scientists are well on the way to saving one of the greatest wonders of the world and because of the research of these women, our grandchildren may still have a Great Barrier Reef to visit in 20 years time…now that’s what we call Cool with women!


Watch it now on ABC iview.