BOOK 2 BRAND MINISODE 01:  facebook with Sara Hood

BOOK 2 BRAND MINISODE 01: facebook with Sara Hood

This month Writes4Women decided to do something a little different…again…because breaking out of our own mould and doing something different month by month seems to be the W4W MO. So this month our something different was pulling the Book 2 Brand segment out of the main writing podcast and turning it into a minisode all of it’s own and that’s how we will keep it from now on. A minisode dedicated to author platforms, marketing and social media for creatives. What you need to do and know as told by the experts rather than us because we aren’t experts we are just like you, trying to work it all out as we go and getting it wrong half the time.

So to kick things off, the first Book 2 Brand minisode is all about facebook. What it is, what it isn’t and what the recent changes mean for writers and creatives everywhere. Sara Hood from Marketing4Writers pops in to give us her expert advice about how to get the most out of the platform, dropping some down to earth realities about what to expect from the social media beast.


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W4W is delighted Sara was able to give us her time and wisdom on this episode, she has an extensive background in Marketing Communications, with a focus on creatives and writers. Sara’s website and consultancy,, provides a plethora of resources for writers in any stage of their career. Including practical blogposts and Unconferences held multiple times a year on all sorts of topics relevant to writing and marketing. In this episode she gives an in depth but also practical breakdown about what to realistically expect from facebook and how to make it work best for you and what you want.


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The Facebook Changes

Everyone with the internet and a phone pretty much knows that in January this year facebook announced some major changes to the social media platform. As a direct response to learning the extent of it’s social and political influence, facebook decided to tighten the reigns on news media, branded pages and advertising. Their mission? To make facebook more human again. To bring it back to connection and community. Unfortunately for most creatives this means a big shift in how they use facebook to market and promote themselves and their art.

As writers and creatives Pam and Kel had no choice but to dive in and find out exactly what this means. These are the top 3 resources they found helpful in breaking down what the changes meant and more importantly, what we can all do about it.

This post is great for beginners to mid level users who don’t want or need to get too in depth with it all but just want to know in a snap shot what the changes mean and what they can actually do now.

This episode of the ABC podcast Conversations speaks with a Mark Pesce what is really happening in the background with Facebook, what it is doing with all of that information we put into it every single day, how it is trying to shape the way we think and feel, how we are targeted and it moulds our behaviour and reactions and curates information. It goes into the psyche of facebook as much as anything.

Talk about being facebooked out! After all this you should be able to talk like a minixpert on the subject. Next month…Twitter…Errrgh!


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