Feminist Writers Festival: What Are Your Legacy Texts?

Feminist Writers Festival: What Are Your Legacy Texts?

Our very first episode of the Feminist Writers Festival is out now and it’s all about Legacy Texts – the books that switched the panelists on to feminism, writing, reading or all three.

If you haven’t caught the episode yet you can listen to it here


And here’s a list of the Legacy Texts mentioned by each speaker. There are some great books mentioned so be prepared to add to our TBR pile.


Alison Croggan – Poet, Playwright, Novelist

In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens by Alice Walker.

(This book on writing and motherhood, Alison says ‘saved my life.’)

Man Made Language by Dale Spender

Find Alison here.

Evelyn Araluen – Poet, Teacher, Researcher

Talking Up To The White Woman by Dr Aileen Moreton-Robinson

An essay by Natalie Harkin on blood memory

Find details on Evelyn’s works here.


Alison Evans – YA Novelist

Looking For Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta

Night Swimming by Steph Bowe

Clancy Of the Undertow by Christopher Currie

In The Dark Spaces by Callie Black

Living On Hope Street by Demet Divaroren

Find Alison here.


Ann-Marie Priest – Novelist, Essayist and Reviewer

For Love Alone – Christina Stead

Find books by Ann-Marie here.


Jamilla Rivzi – Author, Presenter, Political Commentator

The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit

Children’s Authors Judy Blume and Emily Rodda

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

The Hate Race by Maxine Beneba Clarke

Find Jamilla here.


Kel and Pam also weighed in with their own Legacy Texts :

For Kel it’s Fight Like A Girl by Clementine Ford

And for Pam it’s Women who Run With The Wolves: Contacting The Power Of the Wild Woman

Find out more about the Feminist Writers Festival here.

What’s your Legacy Text? We’d love you to share it in the comments or on our Facebook page.