FWF 06

Whats Next for #metoo?

One of the most powerful panels from the 2018 Feminist Writers Festival was “What’s Next for #metoo?” Clementine Ford, Antonia Pont and Marion May Campbell review the #metoo movement’s past, present and future


FWF 05

Featuring Opening Night ????

The opening night of the Feminist Writers Festival, at Loop Bar in Melbourne, was a sell out event “Legacy Books: Their Impact, Their Legacy, Our Future” With Evelyn Araluen, Alison Croggon, Alison Evans, Ann-Marie Priest and Jamila Rizvi, presented by Foong Ling Kong.


FWF 04

Featuring Monica Dux

Monica Dux has been an important literary contributor to the feminist movement in Australia. Her books have sparked serious conversations and helped to trigger the evolution of Feminism in Australia.


FWF 03

Featuring Fatima Measham

Fatima Measham is a social and political writer and activist. She is a regular columnist and consulting editor for the online publication, Eureka Street and co-host of their Chattersquare podcast.


FWF 02

Featuring Veronica Sullivan

Veronica Sullivan is a writer, editor, co-host of the Sisteria podcast and hard core feminist. She is also on the board of the Feminist Writers Festival and an invaluable organiser of the event


Pamela Freeman

Feminist Writers Festival

Featuring co-founder Cristy Clark

Writes4Women is proud to be the podcast partner for the 2018 Feminist Writers Festival happening in Melbourne from May 25-27, supporting, advocating, encouraging and engaging feminist writers from all over Australia.

We hope you enjoy it.


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