Episode 1

by featuring Kate Forsyth, Belinda Murrell and emerging author Rae Cairns

Episode 1 – Starting Out

Well, here we are … launching our very first episode of Writes4Women. It’s been a roller coaster ride but we’ve made it – catching our breath yet still in one piece and looking forward to repeating this amazing experience.

When we decided on the theme for our first ep and then ran down out list of the guests who had already agreed to be interviewed, we didn’t even have to think too hard. Kate Forsyth and Belinda Murrell are both writer Ambassadors for Room To Read, the wonderful not for profit organization that first brought us together. But more importantly they are both amazing writers with so much wisdom to share.

Since this was our very first interview we decided to do it face to face. Belinda welcomed us into her gorgeous home where we drank tea and ate cake while chatting about all things writing. The conversation flowed so easily and before we knew it almost two hours had passed. Kate and Belinda told us all about their writing journeys and their new books. AND they generously donated a book each for our very first giveaway so share our Episode 1 Facebook post and be in the draw to win.

We also had a blast recording our other segments: On The Couch where we grab a cuppa and talk about our current writing challenges and triumphs, Spotlight On An Emerging Author featuring psychological thriller author Rae Cairns, Mentoring Moments where Pam coaches Kel through a writing snag, and Book To Brand where we share social media tips and tricks.

Keep an eye on our Blog for the nitty gritty on all these segments and don’t forget to listen to send through any of your writing questions or comments on our episodes via our contact page.

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