Episode 13

by featuring Pam, Kel and emerging author Rae Cairns

Episode 13 – Going All In

Pam and Kel are back in the hotseat for 2018 and they are “Going All In” this year.

On this writing episode Pam goes deep into the revision process sharing some very practical tips for writers of every level, including when to submit that manuscript to an agent or publisher. Emerging Author, Rae Cairns, chats about her word and writing goals for the year and Pam breaks down the festival circuit for everyone too…so get those diaries out. Kel talks about the wonder of listening to her fave feminists on Audio book and it’s all about fun events and fundraising on Recognising Room to Read and the chance to meet co-founder, John Wood.

So grab your favourite beverage and settle in for a full and fun episode of the W4W podcast. Keep an eye on our Blog for the nitty gritty on all these segments and don’t forget to listen to send through any of your writing questions or comments on our episodes via our contact page.

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