Episode 22

by A Question of Genre

Episode 22 – A Question of Genre

This month’s writing episode was inspired by Pamela Cook’s blogpost on making the decision to switch genre.

Pam talks about making the shift out of rural romance and into commercial women’s fiction for her latest book and explores what it’s like to be working with an agent for the first time, pitching her book. All fired up, the ladies get political this episode, breaking down everything from “Cockygate” to the fraught realm of writing race.

A new emerging author has joined the W4W ranks, Lauren Chater! Yay! Lauren will join Pam and Kel over the coming months to talk about writing and publishing her first novel, The Lace Weaver.

To wrap it up, kid’s author extraordinaire and Room to Read writer ambassador, Susanne Gervay, comes on to tell us all about the 2018 Room to Read World Change Challenge.

This episode will require caffeine! So grab your favourite beverage and get ready to talk “Genre” on the Writes4Women podcas

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