Episode 7

by featuring Tracey Spicer

Episode 7 – Starting Out

This month we have an extra special guest joining us on the W4W convo couch. A woman who needs no introduction at all but who we couldn’t be more chuffed to bring to your ears. Tracey Spicer. A professional at the very top of her game, iconic not only for her 3 decades in broadcast and print journalism but for being one of the most powerful, feminist influencers in Australia, effecting long lasting, systematic change and challenging misogynistic conventions…especially in the workplace.

Her book “The Good Girl Stripped Bare” is full of earthy wisdom for all women (and men actually). A funny and heart wrenching look at life, work, feminism, relationships, parenting and mentoring through the eyes of a disillusioned “good girl” and in the interview she covers it all. Everything but Weinstein actually because this interview was recorded well before that tornado hit, so it really is just about Tracey, her writing, her life and her perspective on the world. So wrap your fingers around a hot cuppa and get ready to fight the good fight with Tracey Spicer.

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