Series 3 Episode 1 – Getting Real About Rejection

Writes4Women has Turned 1!  And to celebrate we have launched into Season 3 with a meaty mentoring ep from Pam and Kel.

In this ep Kel gets real about getting rejected from the Next Chapter Scheme, while Pam provides some very wise guidance for everyone on getting past the feelings rejection can toss up and getting back on the writing horse. In the Writing Round Up, Pam recaps all of the festivals they have been recording for the new Writes4Festivals podcast AND Kel switches things up a bit turning What’s Cool With Women into What’s Cool With Writing. Starting with poetry and some deeply moving readings from talented young writers, Meleika and Evelyn Araluen. Then they wrap things up by taking the look at an article from Room to Read on the important role of fathers and men, in getting girls educated in low income, countries. The changes are starting to happen…

So grab your favourite beverage and find a comfy spot to get lost in writing with Pam and Kel on the Writes4Women podcast.

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