Going Indie

by featuring Jodie Gibson

Jodie Gibson: Going Indie

An Extended Self Publishing Special


Jodi Gibson is a writer, blogger, teacher, mentor and author of 2 soon to be released novels. She writes across genres catering to both the classic commercial women’s fiction reader as well as the people who like a light rom com.


After years of dealing with traditional publishing, Jodi was coming across more obstacles than open doors but the response to her writing told her not to give up. So she bet on herself instead of asking others to and took the entrepreneurial step many writers are taking nowadays, to self publish her work.


In this episode Jodi speaks candidly to Pam about making the decision to believe in herself and just go for it in the Indie Publishing game. Then Pam openly discusses with Kel, the stress and pain that came with facing the same choice herself and what that choice has meant for her since. 

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