Writes4Women Enters The Podcasting Universe.

What a crazy week!

If you’re reading this you probably know that our very first podcast episode, Starting Out, launched this week. Coincidentally it dropped  the day we got to visit the Mamamia podcast studio and watch the experts in action. And since Mia Freedman was the first person we actually interviewed (coming to you in September) this seemed very fitting. It was a huge relief and an amazing buzz to have our first episode out there for the world to hear. More than that, it was the culmination of six months of excitement, hard work, anxious why-are-we-doing-this moments, finger-crossing and celebrating.Writes4Women, podcasts @PamelaCookAU

Our first business meeting - at the Opera Bar.

Six months ago, after many chats about writing, women’s issues and life in general Kel posed the question: How about we start a podcast? Not knowing anything at all about podcasts I said yes! And there began a rollercoaster ride. Equipment buying, reading, daily phone calls, emailing potential guests and the occasional bit of stressing! Kel is the tech brain behind this whole enterprise. It’s been a massive learning curve for her, teaching herself how to record, mix, edit and upload our material.Writes4Women, podcast, @PamelaCookAUFrom the very beginning it’s been an exercise in positivity. We dived in head first AND everyone we have approached so far has agreed to be interviewed. We wanted to put together a program that combines discussions about writing, women’s issues, and feminism. Now that the first episode is out we feel confident about our choices.I’ve always been a massive believer in serendipity and this podcast is the perfect example of the magic that occurs when it happens. The best thing about writing, for me, has been the connections I’ve made with other writers, particularly women, and the inspiration we’ve given each other along the way. Connecting with Kel has brought me into the podcasting world. I know it will give us both the opportunity to meet and chat to dozens of writers and connect with our listeners.We know there are improvements we can make to our production and content. We’d love to hear from you. Please let us know via the Contact page here on the website, or via our Facebook page, what you’d like to hear on the show. Any guests you’d like us to add to our list? We want to have a wide variety of genres, opinions and personalities on the program.

What's Next?

In coming months we have Mia Freedman, Natasha Lester, Tracey Spicer, Pamela Freeman and Clementine Ford. We were so happy to have Kate Forsyth and Belinda Murrell as our first guests. If you haven’t listened yet click the link here on the website or head over to iTunes and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!And stay tuned to the blog for additional information on all our show segments: Mentoring Moments, Ask Pam (writing issues), Book to Brand (social media and marketing tips) and Room To Read. We'll also be following Rae Cairns on her writing journey as she seeks publication for her page-turning psychological thriller.Stay tuned!Pam x(aka Pamela Cook)SaveSaveSaveSave