Recognising Room to Read

Recognising Kaison and Supporting Deb Abela.

This month on Recognising Room to Read we are recognising Kaison, a graduate of the Girl’s Program from Laos.

 Recognising Room To Read, @PamelaCookAU, @w4wpodcast Due to high levels of poverty and cultural barriers, the majority of girl’s in Laos are denied an education. Instead they are expected to help around the home, raise the family or work. Kaison was one of these girls until she was selected by Room to Read to be a part of their Girl’s Education Program. 4 years later she not only graduated but excelled, as the Room to Read website proudly states…“Like 45% of people in Laos, Kaison is from a minority ethnic group. This means she did not grow up speaking Lao, the only language spoken in school. Despite experiencing extreme poverty and struggling to understand her teacher, she thrived as an eager, top student in Room to Read's Girls' Education Program. She not only passed her high school completion exam, but also earned the second highest score out of 1,275 students.” Recognising Room To Read, @PamelaCookAU, @w4wpodcast Kaison has earnt herself a scholarship from the Los government to continue her education and is determined to help other girls do the same. Watch Kaison tell her full story here. Coming from a country where it is a given my children will have access to education as of age 5, regardless of gender, it is hard to imagine the circumstances millions of children are facing in low income countries right now. Especially girls just like Kaison, who are not only subject to the impact of extreme poverty but in many countries, face the added challenge of living in patriarchal societies where a woman’s value is seen as being purely reproductive.Of the 124 million children out of school around the globe, 52% are girls and of the girls who do get the chance at an education an alarmingly high number of them drop out well before completing secondary school, especially when compared to their male counterparts. Which is why the Room to Read Girl’s Education Program is essential to the building of a better world because “when a girl stays in school, life improves…for everyone”. Meaning that a girl doesn’t just educate herself, a girl will go on to educate the other members of her immediate family as well as her own children and grandchildren. Which not only increases the literacy rate but slowly changes attitudes to girl’s education as a whole. Here is a snapshot of the very real impact Room to Read is having on disadvantaged girl’s around the world.

Recognising Room To Read


It’s too easy AND we have the perfect way! Recognising Room To Read, @PamelaCookAU, @w4wpodcast Room to Read Writer Ambassador, Deborah Abela, is “Getting Active for Education” by doing the annual Spring Trek to raise funds for the Room to Read Girl’s Education Program. Every dollar raised will support another girl through school for another year.  Recognising Room To Read, @PamelaCookAU, @w4wpodcast Please support Deb and girls everywhere by sponsoring her via this link: DEB!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! For more information go to www.rooomtoread.orgSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave